Musafiriina Nursery and Islamic Primary School-Day & Boarding


The School was founded in 2018 by members of Musafiriina Foundation Uganda, behind the  Musafiriina Mosque premises in Kyoga,Wakiso District. 

The school started with six classes, Baby, Middle, and Top classes in the Kindergarten Section. Primary one, two and Primary three in the Primary section for the first year. Currently the school has all classes from Baby Class to Primary seven , offering a dual curriculum for both Day Scholars  and Boarding Pupils. 

This school was created to meet the educational needs of the Ugandans and the Muslim community in general. 

5Years of Exprience
40Expert Teachers
20Support Staff

The schools around the community are teaching a single secular curriculum. So Muslim students were not catered to practice their Islamic morals and Values in the everyday activities.


MUSAFIRIINA Fees Structure

With our Transparent Fees Structure, your child gets the best Education


New Entrants


Continuing Pupils


Day Scholars:
New Entrants


Day Scholars:
Continuing Pupils



  • One ream of paper (Rotatrim / Dolphin) per term
  • Book bank (strictly for new entrants)
  • Baby class –Lady bird ,1 a ,1 b, 1 c, 2 a, b, c & 3 a, b, c.
  • Middle – Lady Bird 4 a, 4 b, 4 c.
  • Top – Ladybird 5 a, 5b, 5 c
  • P 2 –P.3 – Literacy Kobparts
  • P.1 – ABC English
  • P.6- (A New MK Mathematics book 6, A mathematical set,
  • A master guide for English course, Oxford Learners’ Dictionary, Comprehensive Primary Atlas)
  • P.7- (A New MK Mathematics book 7, A mathematical set, A master guide for English course, Oxford Learners’ Dictionary, Comprehensive Primary Atlas)


  • Bathing soap 3 pieces(detol)
  • White star washing soap 3 bars
  • Detergent (omo) 1 kg
  • Tooth paste 3 tubes (colligate Medium)
  • Tooth brush 2 pieces
  • Shoe polish 1 big tin
  • Shoe brush 1
  • Vaseline 1 big tin (Ballet)
  • Mosquito net 1
  • Bucket
  • Prayer mat
  • This is list item
  • Night wears 2 pieces
  • Pants (6 for girls and 6 for boys)
  • Blanket 1 piece
  • Black shoes 1 pair
  • Sports shoes 1 pair
  • Bed sheets 2 pairs (sky blue for boys and pink girls)
  • Towel
  • Open shoes
  • Parents Id(shs10,000)
  • Labelling (shs 2,000 per item labelled)
  • Repairs (shs 10,000)
  • Medical fee (shs 20,000)
  • Suit case (leather small size)
  • Snacks e.g. [a big green polythen paper for daddies and g. nuts each]
  • Juice (savanna or sun sip 5 litres)
  • Slippers
  • Leather mackintosh (ekipila) for bed wetters

Our School Partners & Freinds

For a Better Garanteed Education, we partner with several School & Organisations around the world to foster student collaborations and growth.